Dems happy to sacrifice well being of Americans to get elected

TweetStalin reportedly said, “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.” As experts of managing the media, Democrats can use the suffering of a few people to advance their power while diverting attention from the harm their policies inflict on most Americans. In her letter of March 17, June M. Huot makes […]

Stop the Gas Tax!

TweetThe House will be voting on HB357 this week. The Department of Transportation has been pulled out of the budget for special treatment due to its “unique and serious” problems. HB 357, which deals with an increasing the time to notify DMV of a change of address, will have an amendment proposed that will increase […]

ACT for America

TweetThe U.S. Senate is about to vote on a critical piece of national security legislation, and we need you to call your Senators and let them know where you stand! Prime Minister Netanyahu sounded the alarm before Congress earlier this month — the “deal” the Administration is crafting with the Iranian government now leaves the […]

FCC Takeover Call to Action

TweetYou will need to visit this LRTP page to contact your federal representatives and senators by email or phone. This message came to us from the “Center for Individual Freedom”. We are posting it here because the FCC issue should be of major concern to EVERYONE. “New Internet Regulations Finally Released By The Federal […]

How liberal discipline policies are making schools less safe

TweetA local teacher we know told us this shocking fact: She was required to attend training at some UN-sponsored ‘peace’ program. According to her training, instead of punishment for children who engaged in typical grade school violence such as hitting and bullying, she was required to put the two sparring kids at a “negotiation table” […]

Granite State Future

TweetGuess what? I just discovered a website that tells the real truth about the Granite State Future! It’s really cool and it has amazing videos on it and everything you’d ever want to know about the New Hampshire version of the massive HUD Sustainable Communities Initiative. The name of the website is: Go there […]

Democrats HATE Voter ID Laws

TweetThe progressive left is obsessively opposed to voter ID laws. One outfit called the Advancement Project leads the way in trying to block implementation of voter ID laws. It was founded by civil rights attorneys in 1999. It is a “legal action group committed to racial justice.” Kevin Mooney in an article in Net Right […]

Agenda 21 – A Sinister and Nefarious Takeover

TweetHave you heard of Agenda 21? If not, what you learn will scare the pants off of you. Agenda 21 was dreamt up by Gro Harlem Brundtland, VP of the World Socialist Party, for the United Nations. George Bush, the first, signed off on it in 1992. President Clinton bypassed Congress and with Executive Order […]