Obama’s Sharia-compliant Truce With Iran

It is interesting to see President Obama trying to make a nuclear deal with Iran because Iran, an Islamic theocracy, must make a deal that is Sharia compliant. The Obama administration has to know and must feel a need to work with Iran’s Sharia requirements but is not making the predicament clear to the American people who are unaware of it. This is why:

Islamic law places jihad as not only a duty of every Muslim, but more importantly as the duty of every Muslim head of state. Permanent peace agreements with non-Muslim countries are forbidden since peace with the enemies of Islam is not a value, but in fact discouraged and would be treason if pursued for the purpose of peace. The relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims, as dictated by Sharia, must remain a hostile one unless non-Muslims abide by and live under Sharia. True peace with non-Muslims is forbidden and the only thing allowed is truces that must never exceed 10 years.

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