What does the Tea Party Movement stand for?

Lower taxes, less government. End the Fed, IRS, end unconstitutional wars, protect the Bill of Rights and personal freedoms.

Americans are a charitable and generous people but when Government wants to take that money for purposes other than for the proper role of government and plunge our children and their children into massive debt, the tipping point is reached.

Why are you doing this?

Because politicians have betrayed the Founding Fathers’ vision of individual liberties to be preeminent over the power of the State. They ignore the Constitution by ever expanding Government and require more and more money from us. Their laws and regulations restrict our freedom and decrease our liberties.

We are on the brink of European style socialism – anathema to freedom loving Americans!

Besides – if not us, then who? Please join us!

Are you associated with any other groups?

We are an independent group that is self-guiding and depends on volunteers to get anything done. We are not funded by any outside group or special interest. We do, however, work with other like minded groups here in the State of NH, like the NH TeaParty Coalition.