Differences between Shi’ite & Sunni Muslims explained to TEA Party

Many new faces were among the regulars at the Lakes Region TEA Party on Wednesday night at the Moultonborough Public Library, to hear a presentation by a moderate Shi’ite Muslim living in our area. He explained the differences between Shi’a and Sunni sects of Islam and how they are practiced and how they react to non-Muslims. He told the group that all the terrorist groups (which he called ignorant and brain-washed donkeys) are all Sunni Muslims. Because he was held and tortured for aiding foreigners in Iraq, his name is being withheld here.

Answering a question regarding Sharia law, this speaker noted that Shi’a Muslims will adapt to the local laws and that the restrictive Muslim laws, made 1400 years ago, are voluntarily observed by each family.

There are many moderate Muslim groups being formed throughout the country, and the world, to combat the extremists, but it all takes time and perseverance.

The next meeting on May 20 will highlight Preppers. Come find out what they do!

Peggy Graham

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