Henry Osmer’s April 18th letter is so far from reality that it creates a mystery. Perhaps he can’t comprehend what he reads. Perhaps he is blinded by his radical leftist ideological beliefs or fake news, e.g., MSNBC. Perhaps he mistakenly believes that the TEA Party is a Republican Party group, forgetting that the TEA Party which arose in opposition to Bush’s TARP program to bail out Wall Street is fought by the Washington establishments of both parties. Perhaps Osmer just lives in a fantasy world.

Far from looking down on the less fortunate as Osmer wrongfully asserts, the TEA Party wants, and fights for policies that help enable, everyone to be successful.

New Hampshire’s problem isn’t that we have 34,000 millionaires; our problem is that our state and national policies make it difficult for citizens to prosper and have a good chance to become a millionaire.

For citizens to prosper we need capable people willing to work and a growing economy that creates enough good jobs that people always have a better job to move to when they demonstrate their capabilities. Profitable businesses with surpluses of jobs over workers increase wages, that draws more people into the workforce, that generates more demand, and that creates more jobs, etc. A growing economy creates an increasingly prosperous people and nation.

Unfortunately, too many of our politicians have sold out to special interests which benefit from policies that reduce the opportunities for most citizens to prosper.

The TEA Party fights for school choice (primarily against Democrat politicians) and local control of education (against Democrat and Republican Progressives) so no child has to be stuck in a bad or dangerous school.

The TEA Party fights against Washington Republican and Democrat politicians who, for political support from special interests, tolerate and even encourage illegal immigration which reduces wages and available jobs for Americans, especially in today’s stagnant economy that doesn’t generate enough jobs.

A business environment with high taxes, oppressive regulations, bureaucratic delays, mandatory benefit costs like Obamacare, and high energy costs will not be able to pay high wages and survive against worldwide competition. In this environment businesses must cut wages and/or jobs or go bankrupt.

Therefore, the TEA Party fights for elimination of excessive regulations, excessive taxes, bureaucratic delays, elimination of energy subsidies and regulations (e.g., ethanol, solar, wind) which increase energy costs, and elimination of mandatory benefits that causes job or wage losses.
Obamacare hurts Americans in many ways including turning many full-time jobs (some with benefits) into part-time jobs without benefits. It’s really hard to become prosperous on a part-time job.
Americans suffer because government fails at almost everything it tries except for protecting and growing government jobs, rewarding the special interests that keep politicians in power, and wasting money.

After spending many trillions on education, how can the results be so poor unless politicians prioritize the educational establishment above children’s educations?

After spending more than $20 trillion, how can we have more people on welfare than ever before unless Democrat politicians are okay with that outcome? How can we still have welfare policies that split up families unless Democrat politicians want unmarried Mothers and their children to be poor?

Every year our federal government wastes about $200 billion (more than 5 percent of our annual budget) and no one in Washington seems to care that Americans worked, or will work, hard to provide that money. And no one seems to consider how that money could be used productively to improve our infrastructure, to help people who really can’t help themselves, or to help the people who earn the money.

The TEA Party fights for government that works for all Americans. The TEA Party demands that government fix or eliminate the programs and policies that make it difficult for every American to pursue and, hopefully achieve, their American dream.

Don Ewing