by Don Ewing

How to Pick Your Favorite Candidate(s)

– What are the needs of the Office?
– Issues and their Priorities are Personal
– History / Character / Trust
– Electability
– Deciding

What are the Responsibilities of the President?

– Protect the American People
– Follow and Defend the Constitution
– Enforce Our Laws, Equally
– Lead our Nation
– Protect Freedom
– Moral Leadership
– Enable Opportunities
– Promote Good Examples, Encourage Success
– Be Commander in Chief
– Manage a Financially Responsible Government
– A World Leader Americans are Proud Of
– Lead the World to a Better Future
– Ensure Future Generations Inherit
– a Freer and more Prosperous Country and a safer world


– Federal Government Role
– Bigger? Smaller?
– Return Responsibilities to States?
– Excessive Regulations?
– Military
– Stronger to Discourage Aggression?
– Weaker to Save Money and Reduce US Influence?
– What Makes the World Safer?
– Immigration
– What Immigration is Good for Us?
– What skills does our country actually need?
– What skills / labor just flood current labor pools?
– Are Ideological Clashes Good for America?
– People who Don’t Assimilate?
– Illegal Immigration
– Illegal Border Crossings, Wall? Fence? Enforcement?
– Visa Overstays
– Sanctuary Cities
– Handling of repeat violators
– Handling Nations that won’t accept their citizens back
– Tolerate, Promote, or Committed to End It?
– Birthright Citizenship
– Those For: Bush, Kasich, Fiorina, Perry
– Those Against: Trump, Cruz, Paul, Carson, Christie
– Refugees? (Potential terrorists, welfare consumers)
– Balanced Budget
– How? Cut Spending? Raise Taxes? Grow Economy?
– Committed to a Balanced Budget? How? When?
– Committed to a Balanced Budget Amendment?
– Obamacare
– Will Anyone End It?
– What is Government’s Proper Role re Healthcare?
– Who will Fix (Fairly) our Broken Entitlement Systems?
– Education
– Federal or Local Control?
– Common Core?
– Choice?
– Second Amendment
– Energy Policy
– Independence or Dependence?
– Government or Market Driven?
– Climate Change?
– Fed Court, esp. Supreme Court, Nominees
– National Debt
– The Economy, Jobs, Regulations

History / Trust / Character

– What are their personal Reputation and Achievements?
– How have they Legislated/Managed/Governed before?
– Who have they supported before?
– What are they saying now?
– Republican Candidates typically claim to be Conservatives
– Are current statements consistent with past statements and actions? If not, why the change?
– Did they deliver on previous promises?
– Do previous statements suggest they will / won’t deliver on promises?
– Can you trust a Candidate to:
– Keep his/her word?
– Follow the Constitution?
– Set a good example for Americans?
– Promote our nation and our values around the World?
– Represent our Nation well?
– Respect our Nation’s Reputation and History?
– Honor & Protect our Service men and women?
– Fix our nation’s problems?


– Our Nation Needs a Conservative Leader
– More Voters are Conservative than Liberal or Moderate
– Politicians typically claim many Conservative positions
– Recent Moderates Lost, McCain, Romney (should have won)
– GW Bush governed as a Moderate and made things worse
– Can’t Afford another President who won’t fix things
– Can Candidate Deliver a Winning Message
– Is the Candidate a Fighter who will go the distance?
– Is the Candidate prone to faux pas that will alienate voters, especially near the election?
– Voters must Believe that He/She Really Cares about People


– You Must Prioritize
– Conservative Review has Profiles and Comparisons of All Candidates, see:
– The American Conservative Union Rates Current and Former Senators and Congressmen,
– Who to Select Among Several Acceptable Candidates?
– 603 Alliance Caucus to Select the Preferred Conservative
– To help a Conservative win the FITN Primary
– The 603 Alliance and hopefully all Conservatives will support the caucus winner
– Open to Registered Republicans and Undeclared who took a Republican ballot in the last Primary
– Caucus Meets October 17, 2015