The Lakes Region TEA Party is pleased to announce that Congressman Frank Guinta and Gubernatorial candidate Frank Edelblut will speak and answer questions at its July 20 meeting.

The meeting begins at 7 PM at the Moultonborough Fire Station which is on Route 25 a little North East of the Holland Ave intersection in Moultonborough (address: 1035 Whittier Hwy, Moultonborough, NH), parking and entry is at the rear. The public is invited to listen and participate in the Q&A sessions. (see events tab)

Congressman Guinta is running for reelection to his third term in office. His focus is on helping middle-income Americans prosper by fixing job killing laws and regulations that reduce working hours and family incomes, on growing the economy to provide better jobs, on protecting New Hampshire small businesses, and on protecting Social Security and Medicare on which so many Americans depend. As the two-term Mayor of Manchester he cut taxes, implemented a tax cap, and cut crime by 17%. Congressman Guinta is a conservative voice in Congress, breaking with Republican leadership on crucial votes including the Omnibus, the re-authorization of the Patriot act and the Puerto Rico bailout; he intends to continue being visible to and accessible by his constituents.

Gubernatorial candidate Frank Edelblut serves as the State Representative from Wilton, NH and as their Water Commissioner. He wants to bring his perspective as a successful entrepreneur to addressing New Hampshire’s problems, searching for what works, not what is ideologically correct. Frank says, “I want New Hampshire to be the first state businesses think about when deciding where to locate, and the first state people think about when looking for a place to raise a family.” “I want the people of New Hampshire to put each other first…”