The Lakes Region TEA Party will meet at 7 PM on Wednesday July 19, 2017, at the Moultonborough Library. Our speakers will be Representative Marc Abear and Harry Doutt who leads the ACT! for America group in Hollis/Nashua, NH.

Marc Abear will provide a short historical talk about the Presidential Election of 1800 between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams but almost ended up with Arron Burr being elected President! This election tested our Constitutional process but was eventually peacefully resolved.

ACT! for America fights for American national security. Its main issues are: Preserving the Constitution, Confronting Terrorism, Securing the Border, Energy Independence, and Empowering Women and Protecting Children. Harry Doutt will describe the ACT! for America organization, elaborate on how it pursues these issues, and how everyone can do their part to protect our national security.

The Moultonborough Library is located at 4 Holland Street, Moultonborough, NH. The public is invited to attend to listen, learn, and respectfully participate in our discussions.