The August Lakes Region TEA Party meeting will be Wednesday August 15, 2018 at 7 PM at the Moultonborough Library. We are pleased that Congressional District 1 Republican primary candidate and current NH State Senator Andy Sanborn will return as our main speaker. In addition, State Representative Glen Cordelli will provide a legislative update and Jim Thompson will provide an update on Refugee Resettlement.

Senator Sanborn has a record of being a leading force for personal liberty, personal freedom, and common sense in the political arena. As member and Chairman of the Senate Commerce, Health/Human Services, and Ways and Means Committees he pushes back on government overreach and fights for freedom and economic opportunities for all. As his friend US Senator Rand Paul says, he fights for “A government so small we can barely see it.”

Senator Sanborn is a fourth generation New Hampshire citizen. He is a serial entrepreneur. He lives in Bedford with his wife State Representative Laurie Sanborn and their cat, Bunnie.

Senator Sanborn will talk about his qualifications, the things he will fight for to enhance the lives of New Hampshire citizens, and answer audience questions.

The Lakes Region TEA Party meeting begins at 7 PM at the Moultonborough Library, 4 Holland Street, Moultonborough. The public is invited to listen and participate in the Q&A sessions.