Clinton Cash, a Free Documentary on Youtube

TweetMany of us are familiar with the book Clinton Cash. A documentary video has been made from that book and the video can be watched for free on The link to the video is:

The Electoral College Plays a Key Role in Protecting Liberty

TweetRecently we’ve heard calls to eliminate the Electoral College;to elect our Presidents just based on the total national popular vote. Eliminating the Electoral College is a BAD idea. The electoral college members/voters represent each state and the District of Columbia, thus they represent the wide diversity of interests of different areas of our country. Thus […]

Picking a Candidate

Tweetby Don Ewing How to Pick Your Favorite Candidate(s) – What are the needs of the Office? – Issues and their Priorities are Personal – History / Character / Trust – Electability – Deciding What are the Responsibilities of the President? – Protect the American People – Follow and Defend the Constitution – Enforce Our […]

When Right-To-Work is passed, workers quickly give up unions

Tweet Recent letters from Tom Dawson (March 20 and March 25) and Tony Boutin (March 26) address an important topic — Right-to-Works Laws. Dawson argues for compulsory unionization while Boutin argues for “Right-to-Work”. Dawson makes the absurd claim that forcing workers to join unions empowers workers. Compulsory unionization doesn’t empower workers, it empowers union bosses […]

Leftists aren’t satisfied that people only tolerate their thinking

TweetThey say, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Similarly, you can present facts in clear language using small words to make it simple, but if the facts don’t coincide with a leftist’s fantasy world, then the leftist will refuse to acknowledge the facts and respond with name calling […]

Mini ice age ended 160 years ago & earth has been warming since

TweetI was amused by Dave Pollak’s letter of April 21 on behalf of the man-made global warming scam. His letter fails to mention the long history of deceptions, inaccurate predictions, and mal-investments (e.g., ethanol, Solyndra) of the man-made global warming advocates. But his letter is a skillful advocacy for his political beliefs. The fact is […]

You’re mistaken to believe TEA Party is a Republican Party group

Tweet Henry Osmer’s April 18th letter is so far from reality that it creates a mystery. Perhaps he can’t comprehend what he reads. Perhaps he is blinded by his radical leftist ideological beliefs or fake news, e.g., MSNBC. Perhaps he mistakenly believes that the TEA Party is a Republican Party group, forgetting that the TEA […]

Tea Party members have lots of very specific ideas for change

TweetI was amused by June M. Huot’s letter of April 14, 2015 requesting information about the TEA Party and making so many false assertions. First, each TEA Partier speaks for him/herself or perhaps their local group, no one person or group speak for “The TEA Party” which is a movement of millions of Americans in […]

Can’t have prosperous middle class without strong economic growth

TweetDespite knowing of the “progressive” (actually socialist) domination in most American colleges and universities, I was shocked at the absolute fantasy worldview presented in Brandeis University Professor Kuttner’s article (as described in Tom Dawson’s letter of 4/8/15). Parents who pay for their children to be “educated” by such professors are being cheated, as are their […]

RFRA outrage is a partisan attack on a successful GOP governor

TweetOn his show last Sunday, George Stephanopoulos tried to deceive the American people into believing that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) supports homophobia, bigotry, and discrimination against gays. If that were true, then obviously only homophobic, bigoted people who support discrimination against gays would vote for such a law. Apparently President Obama who voted […]